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In an era where audiences are exposed to thousands of ads every day, standing out is more important than ever.

Oddity capitalizes on in-depth experience and knowledge of all the communication fields to guide brands towards innovative strategies, adapted to the complexity of today's world.


We plan content and its distribution across all media channels with the support and control of data, thus allowing us to optimize our clients' investments.


Oddity is strategy.

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Your holistic & independent communication agency built on our 4 fundamental pillars:


Brand positioning research

Brand essence & core brand communication strategy


Comprehensive communication strategy

Advice & management of marketing studies


Management of digital ecosystems (Social media, SEA, display & programmatic)

Paid, Owned, Earned (POE)



From strategy to online & offline media buying


Optimizing all media channels from branding to conversion 


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Communication is above all our passion.



Oddity is an independent project, on a human scale, where imagination is at the center of our thoughts and actions.


Flexible and agile by nature, we design new communication models for brands.


Understanding their value chain and anticipating their expectations, preempting the trends and strategic tools essential to their growth: this is our daily mission.


Assets ancre

The need to do more for you.


Performance addicts.​

Diversity of our knowledge & skills.

Open, reliable and close to you.

Strategic partners in French-speaking Switzerland and Zurich.

Our exclusive tools:

  • Brand Generator

  • Media Capsule Modeling

  • Drop8 (Programmatic / F-CH)


Team ancre

There is no agency, there are only people.

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